Jim at Stoke

My name is Jim Humphreys, I live in Berkshire between Maidenhead and Reading and have mutual friends in Dave Dew and Julian Clements at Motocom.

Jim Humphreys
Jim Humphreys

I recently became involved in a money raising effort for the spinal injuries unit at Stoke Mandeville, specific details on our efforts can be found at our main objectives are to honour the man responsible for most of the development work which resulted in the survival of severely damaged friends and others, from the services, from accidents, from “happenstance” and terrorism.  Some of those being motorcyclists, I felt that I and some friends could afford the time to ride from Moscow, Ayrshire to Moscow, Russian Federation and back to assist in raising funds.

Motocom have been extremely generous in donation, advice and in steering me towards several potential assistance centres.