Tea and cakes with a wheel prince!

“The Prince” says he practically lives on his bike in the summer. Parking his R1150GS on the pavement, wearing jeans and deck shoes, Nicholas Von Preussen might not fit the stereotypical image of a prince, but he is the genuine article.  And he had kindly taken an hour or so away from the chaos of dinner party preparations at home, to have a cup of tea and help us plan our ride.  It is always fun to talk biking with a fellow enthusiast.  All the more so, when the fellow enthusiast has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Eastern European roads and cities.

Having, after a bit of trial and error, found the most convenient way to fold the Collins road map, we worked our way back from “Moskva” to Calais, via St. Petersburg and the Baltic states.  John followed the conversation, flagging the “must see” cities and places of interest in MapSource.  Then we repeated the exercise, following a more southerly route which took us via the Ukraine to Krakow and on to Wroclaw (formerly Breslau), where Poppa Guttmann began his medical studies, and from there west through the Czech Republic, Germany, and north through France’s Champagne region.

We couldn’t persuade the Prince to join us.  I got the impression that our ride was a little tame for his tastes.  He is an off-road fanatic (he wheelied his F650 into a Welsh lake on the BMW course) and self-confessed speed-junkie.  Group rides simply tend to set too slow a pace.  Nevertheless, he asked us to keep him in the loop and let him know how our plans were progessing.

John and I were immensely grateful for our guest’s insight. By the time we had finished, we would have gladly leapt on to our bikes and left tomorrow. This is going to be one fabulous ride.

I wonder whether I should have curtseyed?!

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Terrific, I would like to join this Prince in seeing how far we can fulfill the Brighton? flying off the pier annual event on motorcycles?

Know anyone who would be daft enough to supply bikes?

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