Jim Humphreys

Born in the comparative luxury of a mercantile family in the West End of Glasgow in 1942, Jim’s grandparents and great grandparents had a strong influence in his early years.  To the extent that he still is still “digging for victory” loves stealing away for the occasional “wee dram” and can count  a page of figures  accurately without computers.  Mum, who is still in good health, was working for victory whilst Dad was in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and then the 1st Airborne Division.

A five year engineering apprenticeship was followed by many adventures working all over the world settling in Zambia in 1969 with a wife and two marvellous kids.  Moving briefly to Berkshire, in 1976 adventures followed in South East Asia (based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore) until 1989 when an M.Sc. was completed and an accidental M.Com. picked  up, both in Glasgow.

The granite City (Aberdeen) and Scotland lost out again to Berkshire, when I met Margo, my second wife 14 years ago.  With a total of 6 children between us,  we are blessed with 11 wonderful  grandchildren ( No’s 12 and 13 will be here by December 2010 – God Willing). I am now the grandfather teaching the kids to grow vegetables, although now that is not a necessity,  merely cool.

Throughout my life my religious convictions (of the Scottish Presbyterian school) have been strengthened, through meeting new friends and trying to live within new cultures and languages.  I have loved planning and fulfilling adventures, usually for business profits.  This time,  it was time for me to payback  and contribute  something,  to an extremely worthwhile cause.  Thus, Moscow to Moscow to Moscow.

Part of our family live in the beautiful state of Oklahoma, USA and it is my prayer to have future adventures in that country, in the sun and warmth.   At my level of  experience, I have learned the meaning of gratitude and would be truly grateful if you would visit www.poppaguttmanncelebration.org and make any donation to this cause that you can afford.

You can contact Jim at jim@offonaweeride.com.