John Plumb

John Plumb was born in Irvine Scotland, and spent his childhood in the coastal village of West Kilbride, only a few miles from our journey’s starting point of Moscow Ayrshire. At the age of 10, he moved to Altrincham in Cheshire where he spent his teenage years.

John’s independent travels started in the summer of 1986, when, following his A-Levels, he set off from Knutsford Services and hitch-hiked through central Europe to Dubrovnik, before heading north to Budapest, then south to Venice before heading home.  His first trip to Poland in 1989 took him through Berlin and East Germany just two months before the Berlin Wall fell. Shortly after, John drove to Czechoslovakia. Since then he has returned many times to Poland, having forged some lovely friendships there along the way.  It has been a long term dream for John to visit Russia. His father studied Chemistry at Moscow University in 1960.

Following his graduation in Printing from Watford College in 1990, John took a sabbatical year to run the College Students Union before working in the printing industry in Cheltenham until 1999 when he took the leap into self-employment as a furniture maker. Assisted by Lord Niedpath, (now the Earl of Wemyss), John was given the use of a rambling old watermill as a workshop in Stanway, Gloucestershire.  Self-employment paid off and in 2001, he moved his business to rural mid-Wales. John now lives just outside Machynlleth. Over the last few years, he has passionately restored several old buildings.

It’s now time for another adventure!

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